Z/X (ゼクス Zekusu) is one of the card types in Z/X - Zillions of enemy X- TCG. They are the representation Z/X, the titular creatures of the game.

Z/X cards comes in various color, cost, tribe, and Power. In addition, they may or may not possessed an icon or ability. They are mainly used to attack the opposing Player or Z/X, and to defend the Player from attacks.

Generally, Z/X cards are played into Square as Reboot, and will remain in there as long as they are not destroyed (either by damage or card effect) or moved into different location by a card effect.

The following rules applies when a Z/X is played into Square.

  • You can put a Z/X in any empty Normal Square or your own empty Player Square.
  • You can put a Z/X in a Square occupied by your own Reboot Z/X. After the Z/X is successfully played into that Square, put the Z/X that previously occupied that Square into Trash.
  • You cannot put a Z/X in a Square occupied by your own Sleep Z/X.
  • You cannot put a Z/X in a Square occupied by the opponent's Z/X, regardless of its state.
  • You cannot put a Z/X into the opponent's Player Square, regardless if it is empty or not.

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