Turn (ターン Tān) is a part of the game flow of Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG. During a game, each player takes their turn in sequence and perform their actions accordingly.

A turn is divided into the following phases:

After the End Phase is finished, the current player's turn ends and the opponent start his or her own turn.

Comprehensive Rules

501 Turn

  • 501.1 Each player perform their own turn in alternate to advance the game.
  • 501.2 In each turn, the player whose turn is his or her own turn is called turn player, and the one who is not is called non-turn player.
  • 501.3 Each turn is progressed by performing the following phases in this order.
  • Reboot Phase (502)
  • Draw Phase (503)
  • Resource Phase (504)
  • Ignition Phase (505)
  • Main Phase (506)
  • End Phase (507)

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