Lion of the Battlefield (戦陣(せんじん)獅子(しし) Senjin no Shishi) is the eighth Starter Deck set for Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.


  • The deck's tagline is "The lament of soldier that was tossed about by the fate-" (運命に翻弄される戦士の慟哭)
  • With the exception of Player Card and Start Card, this deck contains 4 pieces of each included cards.
  • In addition to regular Starter Deck contents, this deck includes exclusive plastic deck case and card sleeves.
  • Features 4 new cards, including a new "Feuille" card, and reprint of "Eight Great Dragon Kings, Anavatapta" with new illustration.


Each boxes contains four decks, each sealed decks contains the following items.

  • 15 different cards, 54 cards in total.
  • Plastic deck case (able to hold up to 51 cards with both sleeve & sleeve protector).
  • Sleeve (60 pieces)
  • Playmat (with Rule References on the other side).


The official product page contains several short stories in relation to the deck.

Card List

Color Number Type Rarity Card Name Quantity Notes
Icon Green C14-001 Player SR Soma Kembuchi 1 New Illustration (3D Holo)
Icon Green C14-002 Z/X SR Blooming Fragrant Spirit, Feuille 2 New Card
2 New Card (Holo)
Icon Red C14-003 Z/X SR Ingenious Schemer, Kuroda Kanbe 2 New Card
2 New Card (Holo)
Icon Red C14-004 Z/X R Mischievous Fairy, Pixie 4
Icon Red C14-005 Z/X PR Crimson Fang, Ruby Howl 4
Icon Red C14-006 Z/X R Angry Diopside, Dio Megatherium 2 New Card
2 New Card (Holo)
Icon Red C14-007 Z/X R Phantom Floating Island, Aspidochelone 4
Icon Red C14-008 Z/X R Head of Arms Research Institute, Rustine 2 +2 Spare
Icon Red C14-009 Z/X C Thunderclap Alligator, Amber Alligator 3 +1 Spare
Icon Green C14-010 Z/X UC Tempering Kick, Karin 4
Icon Green C14-011 Z/X R Fearless Tonfa, Shakuyaku 4
Icon Green C14-012 Z/X R Transforming Triple Staff, Yamabuki 1
Icon Green C14-013 Z/X R Golden Happiness, Mullein 2 New Card
2 New Card (Holo)
Icon Green C14-014 Z/X SR Eight Great Dragon Kings, Anavatapta 2 New Illustration
2 New Illustration (Holo)
Icon Green C14-015 Event R Sage-san's Cooking 4

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