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Starter Deck Vol.1 is the first Starter Deck set for Z/X - Zillions of enemy X-.

It is comprised of two different decks, Asuka Tennoji - Angel's Charity (天王寺飛鳥 天使(てんし)慈愛(じあい) Tennōji Asuka Tenshi no Jiai) and Ayase Kamiyugi - Gladius of the Black Beast (上柚木綾瀬 黒獣(こくじゅう)闘剣(とうけん) Kamiyugi Ayase Kokujū no Touken).



Each boxes contains four decks, each sealed decks contains the following items.

  • 17 different cards, 51 cards in total.
  • Paper deck case (able to hold up to 51 cards with sleeve).
  • Playmat (with Rule References on the other side).

Special Privileges

Card List

Color Number Type Rarity Card Name Quantity Notes
Icon white C01-001 Player SR Asuka Tennoji 1 New Illustration
Icon white C01-002 Z/X SR Incorruptible Feelings, Fierte 2 New Card
Icon red C01-003 Z/X PR Crimson Fang, Ruby Howl 4
Icon red C01-004 Z/X R Queen of Desert, Cleopatra 2 New Illustration
Icon red C01-005 Z/X C Armor Blacksmith, Reinforce 4
Icon red C01-006 Z/X C Graceful Crystal, Crystal Swan 4
Icon red C01-007 Z/X UC Courageous Bear Warrior, Sakata no Kintoki 2 Set 3 Prerelease
Icon red C01-008 Z/X UC Dignified Divine Emperor, Augustus 4
Icon red C01-009 Event UC Exploding Coal 3
Icon white C01-010 Z/X C Holy Beast, Aura Komainu 4
Icon white C01-011 Z/X R Ciel the Sky 4
Icon white C01-012 Z/X R Lawbringer, Dhaulagiri 4
Icon white C01-013 Z/X UC Sleeping Snow White 2 Set 3 Prerelease
Icon white C01-014 Z/X UC Volonte the Will 4
Icon white C01-015 Z/X UC Sagesse the Wisdom 2
Icon white C01-016 Z/X UC Holy Beast, Aura Narasimha 2
Icon white C01-017 Event C Arrogant Light Wall 3

Color Number Type Rarity Card Name Quantity Notes
Icon black C02-001 Player SR Ayase Kamiyugi 1 New Illustration
Icon black C02-002 Z/X SR Jet-Black Blade, Sieger 2 New Card
Icon blue C02-003 Z/X R Cymbal Player, Strauss 2 New Illustration
Icon blue C02-004 Z/X C String Performer, Salieri 4
Icon blue C02-005 Z/X R Erasure Machine, Void 4
Icon blue C02-006 Z/X C Great Sky Tree, Rhenium 3
Icon blue C02-007 Z/X UC Captivating Performer, Puccini 3
Icon blue C02-008 Z/X UC Ogre Slayer, Momotarou 2 Set 3 Prerelease
Icon blue C02-009 Z/X UC Electronic Appliance Union, Tantalum 4
Icon blue C02-010 Event C Million Rain 4
Icon black C02-011 Z/X C Devil of Punishment, Poena 4
Icon black C02-012 Z/X PR Bone Snake, Skeletal Viper 4
Icon black C02-013 Z/X R Devil of Solitude, Solitus 4
Icon black C02-014 Z/X C Devil of Domination, Imperium 3
Icon black C02-015 Z/X UC Demonic Princess of Moonlight, Queen Kaguya 2 Set 3 Prerelease
Icon black C02-016 Z/X UC Dark Bishop, Skeletal Bishop 2
Icon black C02-017 Event C Fang Crush 3

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