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Square (スクエア Sukuea) is the place where Z/X and Z/X Extra cards are played located in the playing field.

There are 2 different type of Square, Normal Square and Player Square, with the latter also double as the place for Player Card. The playing field itself is composed of 9 Squares (2 Player Square and 7 Normal Square) in a 3×3 grid, further divided into 3 different area based on their position to the player—Army Area, Center Area, and Enemy Army Area.

Once a Z/X is played and put into a Square, it cannot be moved into another Square, except by a card ability. Most card abilities or effects affect Z/X in Square, and often specifically designates which Square it affects, either by mentioning the Square type or by using the Square Designation Diagram.

Comprehensive Rules

303 Square

  • 303.1 Zone where the cards of Player and Z/X or Z/X Extra type is put.
  • 303.2 Square is shared by both player, there are 9 Squares in total, lined up in 3×3 grid. Vertically or horizontally adjacent Squares are both Square next to each other. Diagonally adjacent Squares are not.
  • 303.2a The meaning of distance from a certain Square to another Square, and also as a reference, is the smallest amount of Squares that able to reach the other Square, continuously counting from the Square next to that certain Square.
[ Example ] Distance to the next Square is 1.
[ Example ] Distance to the diagonally positioned Square is 2.
  • 303.3 All Square is either a Normal Square, or a Player Square.
  • 303.3a Among the Square, the 2 Squares in each opposing side that was adjacent to the middle Square in pair are Player Square.
  • 303.3b Among the Square, the 7 Squares that are not a Player Square are Normal Square.
  • 303.4 Squares may belong to a group called Area.
  • 303.4a For a player, their own Player Square (402.1a), as well as Squares next to it except the middle, belong to Army Area.
  • 303.4b For a player, the opponent's Player Square (402.1a), as well as Squares next to it except the middle, belong to Enemy Army Area.
  • 303.4c Squares that does not belong to Army Area or Enemy Army Area belong to Center Area.
  • 303.5 Cards put into Square has either Reboot or Sleep state (302.2).
  • 303.5a If a card is put into Square from anywhere except from Square, it is put in Reboot state.
  • 303.6 If a text refer to "Z/X" without specifying a particular zone, it refer to the cards of Z/X type in Square. Similarly, if a text refer to "Player" without specifying a particular zone, it refer to the cards of Player type in Square.
  • 303.6a If some effect try to move a card of Player type to other Square, that card does not move.
  • 303.7 Square is a public zone. It is possible to arbitrarily change the order of cards in your control that you put in Square.

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