Seal God Designation (封神指定(ほうしんしてい) Hōshinshitei) is an additional rule in the game akin to a restricted list in other trading card games.

All cards listed in Seal God Designation cannot be put in the deck at all, and cannot be used on all Z/X official tournament starting from its designation date. Seal God Designation is used to create a better playing environment, using result of all tournaments, card usage, user responses, and so forth as the factors to determine whether a card should be put into the list or not.

Current Seal God Designation Cards

Color Number Name Type Designation Date
Icon Green B03-103 Noble Queen, Laurel Z/X 27 April 2017 (Thu) 00:00
Icon Blue B15-036 Transformed Road Traffic, Cerium Z/X
Icon Green B15-091 High-Speed Beastman, Were-Pronghorn Z/X
Icon Green B18-100 Quickening of Branches Event
Icon Green B19-081 Severing Filament, Kinshibai Z/X
Icon Green C14-013 Golden Happiness, Mullein Z/X
Icon Black B02-075 Devil of Evening, Crepus Z/X 20 July 2017 (Thu) 00:00
Icon Green B04-090 Beastman, Were-Ursus Z/X
Icon Blue B06-038 Man's Pride Event
Icon Red B13-018 Ancient Night Shade, Nue Z/X
Icon Green B15-096 Eight Precious Beauties - Absolute Queen, Mastic Z/X
Icon Black B17-074 "Disease" Evangelist, Plague Z/X
Icon Black B19-069 Animal Trainer, Skeletal Trainer Z/X
Icon Green B19-085 Apparition Lightbug, Genji Fire Z/X

Designation Removal

Cards in the Seal God Designation may be removed from the list on certain circumstances. One of the example is B16-XXX "The All-Known Ruler, Gilgamesh" from Booster 15: Activate! Super Regalia, which was previously included in the designation from 28 January 2016 due to the ruling for Dynamis and Z/X Extra have not yet existed at that point in time. It was removed from the designation on 13 March 2016.

Color Number Name Type Designation Date Removal Date
Icon Red B16-XXX The All-Known Ruler, Gilgamesh Z/X EX 28 January 2016 (Thu) 18:00 13 March 2016 (Sun) 00:00
Icon Blue B14-028 Tyrannic Purple Grudge Blade, Massprotron Z/X 8 April 2016 (Fri) 00:00 27 April 2017 (Thu) 00:00
Icon White B08-050 Veteran Police Inspector, Cymric Z/X 1 October 2016 (Sat) 00:00
Icon White P05-009 Massaging Tabby Z/X
Icon Green B03-100 Little Guardian Event 1 January 2017 (Sun) 00:00
Icon Green B08-100 Searching for Truth Event
Icon Green B09-097 Best Friend Shopping Event


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