Resource Phase (リソースフェイズ Risōsu Feizu) is the third phase of a turn. During this phase, the turn player may choose a card in his or her hand and put in into their own Resource as Reboot. This is optional, and the turn player can choose to not put any cards into Resource even if he or she is able to. Only 1 card can be put into Resource this way during each Resource Phase.

Comprehensive Rules

504 Resource Phase

  • 504.1 "At the beginning of the Resource Phase" automatic event activates.
  • 504.2 Perform the priority preprocessing (702).
  • 504.3 The turn player is able to choose a card in his or her own hand, and put the chosen card into their own Resource in Reboot state.
  • 504.4 Perform the priority preprocessing (702). After this step is finished, proceed to the Ignition Phase.

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