Resource Link (リソースリンク Risōsu Rinku) is an unofficial term for series of paired cards with ability that triggered in Resource introduced in Booster 3: Advent of the Five Dragon Emperors.

All pair of Resource Link cards' text always mention another card as the requirement for its ability (e.g. "Root of Evil, Azi Dahaka" text mentions "Bullet Rider, Schedar" and vice versa). In addition, all paired cards' illustration are drawn by the same illustrator and can be connected to form a single image. The Resource Link ability is triggered either by putting one part of the pair in Resource while already having the other half in Resource beforehand (for automatic ability), or by having the paired cards together in Resource at the same time (for continuous and startup ability).

B03-013 Sample.png
B03-031 Sample.png
"Root of Evil, Azi Dahaka" and "Bullet Rider, Schedar", an example of a pair of Resource Link cards.

Booster 20: Code:Samsara - Blessing Sky introduced a new variant of Resource Link dubbed Kizuna Link (絆リンク Kizuna Rinku, "Bonds Link"). Unlike regular Resource Link pairs which are comprised of two Z/X of different colors, a pair of Kizuna Link cards is comprised of a Z/X and an Event of a single color and all requires a specific Player Card for their Resource ability.

List of Resource Link cards

Introduced in Booster 3: Advent of the Five Dragon Emperors

Color 1st Card 2nd Card Color
Red Root of Evil, Azi Dahaka Bullet Rider, Schedar Blue
Red Lionheart King, Richard I Holy Beast, Aura Unicorn White
Blue Duel Machine, Duel Honest Nodachi, Hanazuou Green
White Illusion the Fantasy Plunging Car's Car's Black
Black Devil of Taciturn, Tacitus Strong Horn, Great Hercules Green

Introduced in Booster 4: Assault of the Black Knight Deity

Color 1st Card 2nd Card Color
Red Stabbing Spinel, Spinel Penguin Fang Hunter, Jager Black
Red Arms Craftsman, Spark Launcher Beastman, Were-Ursus Green
Blue Conductor, Amadius Dancing Skeleton, Skeletal Dancer Black
Blue Playground Union, Polonium Escaping Pixie-Bob White
White Evilbane, Damavand Raging Jasmine Green

Introduced in Booster 6: Maiden of the Five Dragon Gods

Color 1st Card 2nd Card Color
Red Four-Wheels Workshop, Land Cruiser Transformed High Gear, Erbium Blue
Red Fierce Sardonyx, Sardonyx Cobra Explorer, Birman White
Blue Percussion Diva, Belka Noisy Mint Green
White Evilbane, Horaker Savage Claw, Kugel Black
Black Combat Corpse Ogre, Assault Corpse Stealth Birdman, Were-Crow Green

Introduced in Booster 7: Fated Rivalry

Color 1st Card 2nd Card Color
Red Daughter of Thunder God, Tachibana Ginchiyo Aloof Wendy Black
Red Vagrant Swordsmith, Nagamitsu Faithful Dual Sword, Enoki Green
Blue Sharp Slicer, Enif Holy Beast, Aura Kraken White
Blue Battery Machine, Battery Jet-Black Devil, Niger Black
White Zephyr the Breeze Fantasy Butterfly, Swallowtail Green

Introduced in Booster 15: Activate! Super Regalia

Color 1st Card 2nd Card Color
Red Gatling Gun Engineer, Rapid Bullet Lawbringer, Lirung White
Red Scarlet Seabird, Creedite Gannet Rhythmical Whistle, Moe Blue
Blue Transformed Road Traffic, Cerium High-Speed Beastman, Were-Pronghorn Green
White Pro Player, Coodle Returning Blow, Receive Black
Black Humming Charlotte Rich Beetle, Pieni Drone Green

Introduced in Booster 20: Code:Samsara - Blessing Sky

Color 1st Card 2nd Card Color
Red Secret Gratitude, Kalavinka Kalavinka and Honome, Maternal Bonds Red
Blue Marital Vows, Rigel Rigel and Azumi, Intimate Bonds Blue
White Fealty Knight, Sagarmatha Sagarmatha and Misaki, Loyal and Filial Bonds White
Black Ambitious Comrade, Sieger Sieger and Ayase, Inseparable Bonds Black
Green Wasp Soldier Queen, Vesparose the Merciless Vesparose and Kisara, Blindly Obedient Bonds Green

Introduced in Booster 21: Code:Samsara - Seed of Rebellion

Color 1st Card 2nd Card Color
Red Broad-Minded Brave King, Alexander Alexander and Mikado, Undoubted Bonds Red
Blue Crimson Longsword, Synchrotron Synchrotron and Nanao, Human-Machine Bonds Blue
White Distant Love, Fierte Fierte and Asuka, Eternal Bonds White
Black Sentiment Resonator, Almotaher Almotaher and Yachiyo, Mutual Bonds Black
Green Thorn-Splitting Shoulders, Feuille Feuille and Soma, Thorn-Cutting Bonds Green

Introduced in Extra Pack 9: Summer Dragon

Color 1st Card 2nd Card Color
Red Star Spear of the Dawn Sky, Lord Crimson Star Spear That Raised to the Dawn Sky Red
Blue Star Wing of the Frozen Sky, Helical Fort Star Wing That Spread to the Frozen Sky Blue
White Star Crystal of the Clarity, Innocent Star Star Crystal That Illuminates the Clarity White
Black Star Prison of the Night Fog, Realm Razer Star Prison That Deceives into the Night Fog Black
Green Star Tree of the Freshening Rustle, Noble Grove Star Tree That Parts unto the Freshening Rustle Green

Introduced in Booster 22: Code:Samsara - Fate Vanisher

Color 1st Card 2nd Card Color
Red Firewood-Abandoning Flashfoot, Orichalcum Tyranno Orichalcum Tyranno and Sera, Finger-Biting Bonds Red
Blue Pierce-Through Slaying Emperor, Cyclotron Cyclotron and Suguru, Iron-Inkstone Bonds Blue
White Sacred Bird of the Dew Lodge, Phosflamme Phosflamme and Sakura, Grass-Stepping Bonds White
Black Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Body-Extinguishing Wickedblade, Maldicion Maldicion and Iriuda, Mind-Extinguishing Bonds Black
Green Flash of Righteousness, Rindo Rindo and Chitose, Tranquil Bonds Green

Introduced in Booster 23: Code:Samsara - Mad Overlord

Color 1st Card 2nd Card Color
Red Divine Tip of Distant Flight, Gandiva Gandiva and Izumo, Affirmative Bonds Red
Blue Guard of Virtue, Lawrencium Lawrencium and Reia, Matchless Bonds Blue
White Wise Cat of Thievery, Maine Coon Maine Coon and Nina, Confucian Bonds White
Black Persistent Spirit, Crepus Crepus and Yamato, Rugged Bonds Black
Green Natural Wisecrack, Eudi Eudi and Shana, Carefree Bonds Green

Introduced in Character Pack - Miko of the Beginning

Color 1st Card 2nd Card Color
Colorless Stars of the Heaven and Earth, Last Theorem Stars That Flourished in the Heaven and Earth Colorless

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