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Player Square (プレイヤースクエア Pureiyā Sukuea) is the Square where Player Card and Start Card are placed at the start of the game. Player Square are represented by the square with ◎ icon on the right diagram. It is the middle Square in Army Area.

Each player has their own Player Square. You cannot put your own Z/X into your opponent's Player Square and vice versa. Unlike Normal Square, Player Square can be attacked regardless of the presence of any Z/X in there. If an empty Player Square (Player Square without any Z/X on it) is attacked, the player in the possession of that Square takes 1 damage. Because of this, Player Square is essentially the main target of assault during the game.

Unlike other Square, there is only a small amount of card abilities and effect that able to affect the Player Square. Most of them only affect your Player Square, either by giving the Z/X on it some kind of support or protection from attack. But some, like Void Bringer, is able to affect the opposing Player Square as well.

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