Original XIII (オリジナルXIII Orijinaru Sātīn) is a group comprised of thirteen special Battle Dress.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The general term for the 13 cyborgs who wear the machines that became the basis of the mass-produced Battle Dress. Each of them are clones of "certain people" who had the highest affinity with the Battle Dress in the past.

The seven odd-numbered Battle Dress were assigned to protect the Administrator while the six even-numbered Battle Dress were assigned to eliminate the surviving humans and maintaining public order. Unlike the mass-produced Battle Dress, they use the best technology available and continue to evolve.


Type Name Administrator/Unit Cost Power
I A-Z Administrator Vega 5 7500
II Sd03Ve Ziz 6 8500
III Ch05Al Administrator Altair 4 6000
IV Pr07Ve Ziz 7 10500
V Vb11De Administrator Denebola 6 9000
VI Mt13Ve Bahamut 5 8000
VII Ju17Ca Administrator Canopus 5 7500
VIII Lw19Ve Bahamut 7 10500
IX Rt23Ar Administrator Arcturus 6 9000
X Mb29Ve Leviathan 6 9000
XI Ze31Po Administrator Polaris 7 7500
XII Sb37Ve Leviathan 6 9000
XIII Md41So Administrator Sol ? ?

Naming Conventions

All members of Original XIII follow a set of fixed name patterns.

  • Type.OO - The model number.
  • The first two letters in " " - Design idea of the body. Its specific details are only known by Vega.
  • The middle two numbers in " " - Prime number in the same order as the model number.
  • The last two letters in " " - Administrator in control.

Take Original XIII Type.XI "Ze31Po" for example:

  • Type.XI - The model number (eleven).
  • Ze - Design idea.
  • 31 - Eleventh prime number.
  • Po - Polaris

While Original XIII Type.I "A-Z" is a special exception to this rule (her name is said to hold a specific meaning for Vega), the "-" part in the middle of her name is read as "to" (とぅー ), which is near homophone with "two" (ツー tsū), the primary number corresponds to her model number.