Mov 03

The Red World
A future where humanity have physically degenerated and attemped to create new vessels. Referred to as an experiment, the vessels produced compete in battles.

Mikado Kurosaki (黒崎 神門), Male, 18
A talented young man who, due to his intelligence, became a strategist after he met Alexander, who plans to conquer the world. Behind his cold pupils he wishes to make use of the cloning technology from the red world to revive his younger sister.

9th Great Hero Alexander
Race: Braver
A clone of the hero from the past, he is the hope of the Red World to revive the it which is in decline. As the clone of the hero Alexander, he has awakened his own ambition to conquer the world and has started to move of his own will. After meeting Mikado, Alexander has very high expectations for his ability as a strategist.