War God's Embrace & Celestial Light Hammer (戦神の抱擁&天界の光鎚) is the Free Card Deck of Booster 8: Quickening of the Divine Progenitor. It can be downloaded from here.

Card List

Color Number Card Name Type Quantity
Icon Red F13-001 Mischievous Fairy, Pixie Z/X 4
Icon Red F13-002 Goddess of Battle, Morrigan Z/X 4
Icon Red F13-003 Hyacinth Ore, Zircon Horse Z/X 4
Icon Red F13-004 Explosive Workshop, Grenade Z/X 3
Icon Red F13-005 Incandescent Reef, Magma Ankylo Z/X 4
Icon Red F13-006 Hero of Imperial Capital, Musashibou Benkei Z/X 4
Icon Red F13-007 Lovely Hug Event 2
Icon White F13-008 Aiding Ringtail Z/X 4
Icon White F13-009 Lawbringer, Chhish Z/X 4
Icon White F13-010 World Chronicler, Registre Z/X 2
Icon White F13-011 Jewel Beast, Aura Carbuncle Z/X 4
Icon White F13-012 Evilbane, Kommunizm Z/X 4
Icon White F13-013 Marteau the Light Hammer Z/X 3
Icon White F13-014 Grace Perfume Event 4
Icon Red F13-015 Mikado Kurosaki Player 1
Icon White F13-016 Asuka Tennoji Player 1

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