Oath of Blue Waters & Gorgeous Flower Dance (蒼海の盟約&極彩の花舞) is the Free Card Deck of Booster 7: Fated Rivalry. It can be downloaded from here.

Card List

Color Number Card Name Type Quantity
Icon Blue F12-001 Conquest Machine, Conqueror Z/X 4
Icon Blue F12-002 Armed Dogu, D-GU Z/X 1
Icon Blue F12-003 Mirage Dagger, Bellatrix Z/X 4
Icon Blue F12-004 Valiant Collider, Castor Z/X 4
Icon Blue F12-005 Bell Sound, Sciarrino Z/X 4
Icon Blue F12-006 Heavy Machinery Union, Bohrium Z/X 4
Icon Blue F12-007 Secret Plan Event 4
Icon Green F12-008 Heartsease the Fruit Lover Z/X 4
Icon Green F12-009 Bird Girl, Were-Parrot Z/X 4
Icon Green F12-010 Violent Bullet, Kunugi Z/X 4
Icon Green F12-011 Beautiful Folding Fan, Renge Z/X 3
Icon Green F12-012 Beastman, Were-Monkey Z/X 4
Icon Green F12-013 Lily Sickle, Lyrical Sickle Z/X 4
Icon Green F12-014 Seal of Sky Abyss Event 2
Icon Blue F12-015 Azumi Kagamihara Player 1
Icon Green F12-016 Soma Kembuchi Player 1

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