Blue Sky Lion & Silver Guardian (蒼天の獅子&白銀の護騎) is the Free Card Deck of Booster 4: Assault of the Black Knight Deity. It can be downloaded from here.

Card List

Color Number Card Name Type Quantity
Icon White F04-009 Misaki Yuzuriha Player 1
Icon Blue F05-010 Reia Sento Player 1
Icon Blue F09-001 Transformed Golden Shachi, Nagoyan Z/X 4
Icon Blue F09-002 Cyber Rapier, Alphard Z/X 4
Icon Blue F09-003 Apprentice Voice, Vilde Z/X 4
Icon Blue F09-004 Battle Hero, Markab Z/X 4
Icon Blue F09-005 Shock Machine, Shock Z/X 3
Icon Blue F09-006 Invincible Haniwa, Honey-One Z/X 3
Icon Blue F09-007 Sword Revolution Event 3
Icon White F09-008 Destinee the Fate Z/X 4
Icon White F09-009 Evilbane, Mont Blanc Z/X 4
Icon White F09-010 Holy Beast, Aura Kirin Z/X 4
Icon White F09-011 Errer the Wander Z/X 4
Icon White F09-012 Evilbane, Elbrus Z/X 3
Icon White F09-013 Caring Siberian Z/X 4
Icon White F09-014 Guardian Heart Event 2

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