Queen of Moonless Dawn & Hunter of Mangrove (暁闇の女王&紅樹の狩人) is the Free Card Deck of Booster 14: White Flame Bow of Judgment. It can be downloaded from here.

Other than preview cards from Set 14, this deck also contains the free card version of previously released cards, including Super Rare cards. The contents of this deck is also designed to works with the cards from Starter Deck Vol.8.

Card List

Color Number Card Name Type Quantity
Icon Red F20-001 Binding Craftsman, Bindy Z/X 4
Icon Red F20-002 Queen of Land of the Rising Sun, Himiko Z/X 4
Icon Red F20-003 Goddess of Good Harvest and Fortune, Hathor Z/X 4
Icon Red F20-004 Queen of Beauty and Wisdom, Semiramis Z/X 4
Icon Red F20-005 Akatsuki Jutten - Edana Saufa Z/X 4
Icon Red F20-006 Akatsuki Jutten - Kuther Mashaka Z/X 4
Icon Red F20-007 Nine Great Heroes, Arthur Z/X 4
Icon Green F20-008 Kinrenka the Bookworm Z/X 4
Icon Green F20-009 Beastman, Were-Ruribitaki Z/X 4
Icon Green F20-010 Making a Snowman, Alkanet Z/X 1
Icon Green F20-011 Beautiful Swordswoman, Kourinka Z/X 4
Icon Green F20-012 Green Hunter, Feuille Z/X 4
Icon Green F20-013 Archer of Green Bow, Feuille Z/X 4
Icon Green F20-014 Autumn Leaves Viewing Event 4
Icon Green F20-015 Soma Kembuchi Player 1

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