The Four Archangels (四大天使 Yondaitenshi) is a group of high-ranked Angels in the White World.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The organization resting at the apex of the White World, it consists of the first Angel "Uriel A.T.", and the three Angels who were "awakened" by Uriel (Raphael, Gabriel and Michael).

Each of the Four Archangels awoke three Angels themselves, the twelve newborn Angels were known as "The Twelve Apostles" and became the rulers of the White World. Below is which Angels of the Twelve Apostles were awakened by The Four Archangels.

Uriel Aries Malchidael Taurus Asmodel Gemini Ambriel
Michael Cancer Muriel Leo Verchiel Virgo Hamaliel
Raphael Libra Zuriel Scorpio Barbiel Sagittarius Adnachiel
Gabriel Capricorn Hanael Aquarius Gambiel Pisces Barchiel


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