Eight Souls of the Black Sword (黒剣八魂 Kokken Hachikon) is a group comprised of eight "hybrids" of Nosferatu and Tortures, created as the ultimate Nosferatu.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Life shearers created by Hydra Foundation.

They are the fragments of Cursed Soul, the most feared among Nosferatu, embodiment of grudge that was not able to sever their attachment to this world, which was kept in Tortures "container" made by Dagon Cartel with extremely high degree of perfection.

Their stage shortly after their creation has strong Tortures characteristic, but with every life sheared, the "soul" of the sheared person takes hold in the fragment. Eventually, when the 8 "container" dispersed 999,999,999 life, the deadliest Nosferatu in history would bring the true horror.


Name Cost Power
Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Deathbringer Sword, Maldicion 8 11000
Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Grief Roar 6 9000
Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Vorpal Sting 5 7500


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