Z/X New Year's Gift Dragon Campaign (Z/Xお年玉ドラゴンキャンペーン) or Dragon Campaign for short is a campaign that ran from 1 January 2017 in various Z/X official card shops.

By purchasing any Z/X booster packs or Starter Decks for a total amount of 1000 JPY in the store that run the campaign (indicated by the campaign poster), you will receive promotional pack containing a random promotional card that was previously released as gift during the course of Heroic Saga X.

Promotional Cards

Color Number Name Type
Icon Red P17-024 "Desolation" Wicked Dragon, Bahamut Z/X
Icon Blue P17-025 "Maelstrom" Wicked Dragon, Leviathan Z/X
Icon White P17-026 "Tempest" Wicked Dragon, Hraesvelg Z/X
Icon Black P17-027 "Deathbearer" Wicked Dragon, Fafnir Z/X
Icon Green P17-028 "Burialwing" Wicked Dragon, Nidhogg Z/X

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