Charge Link (チャージリンク Chāji Rinku) is an unofficial term for several cards that appear in Booster 5: Victory Song of the Overlord.

It is a variation of Square Link that requires the other Z/X to be in Charge (or need to pay the Cost for the ability using a specific Z/X in Charge for "Fighting Strong Wrestler") instead of Square. Unlike Square Link, not all of the required Z/X are vanilla.

List of Charge Link cards

Color 1st Card 2nd Card
Red Sly Topaz, Topaz Falcon Queen of Warrior, Zenobia
Blue Wings of Blue Sky, Xenon Battle Hero, Gruid
White Evilbane, Weisshorn Vent the Wind
Black Fighting Strong Wrestler Devil of Fear, Metus
Green Dog Girl, Were-Poodle Bashful Wijnruit

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