Character Pack - Miko of the Beginning (キャラクターパック ハジマリノミコ Kyarakutā Pakku Hajimari no Miko) is the fifth set in the Character Pack product series. It was released at the same date with Booster 23: Code:Samsara - Mad Overlord.


Card List

Color Number Name Type Rarity Notes
Icon dragon CP05-001 Stars of the Heaven and Earth, Last Theorem Z/X SR New Card
Icon dragon CP05-002 Stars That Flourished in the Heaven and Earth Event R New Card
Icon dragon CP05-003 True Dragon of Land, Theogonius Z/X SR
Icon dragon CP05-004 True Dragon of Fire, Astveria Z/X SR
Icon dragon CP05-005 True Dragon of Sea, Reductonum Z/X EX SR
Icon dragon CP05-006 Ruin-Sky Dragon, Last Theorem Z/X EX SR

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