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Assault of the Black Knight Deity (黒騎神(こっきしん)強襲(きょうしゅう) Kokkishin no Kyōshū) is the fourth Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG set.


See also: April Fools' Day 2013
  • The set's tagline is "The black device that destroy everything, now awakens." (全てを滅する黒き器が、今目覚める。)
  • Introduces a new character: Suguru Raicho.
  • Features a lot of popular artists in charge of illustration, including Hirokazu Koyama from TYPE-MOON.
  • To commemorate the production of Z/X anime, this set will include special Green World's protagonist cards signed by Maaya Uchida (Chitose Aoba) and Yoshimasa Hosoya (Soma Kembuchi).


Each packs contain 7 cards and each boxes contain 20 packs. There are 100 cards in total + 100 holographic cards, excluding special cards.

  • Common: 30
  • Uncommon: 30
  • Rare: 30
  • Super Rare: 10
  • Hologram Rare: 100 (holographic version of all Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Super Rare)

Special Privileges

  • Each sealed packs comes with a Z/X Point.
  • Each boxes comes with 5 card sleeves (initial production only).
  • Each boxes comes with a random Player card (6 different kind).

Free Card

The following Free Card Deck were distributed as a trial edition of the booster.

Card List

Color Number Name Type Rarity Notes
Icon red B04-001 Sky-Soaring Warhorse, Sleipnir Z/X R Void Bringer
Icon red B04-002 Goddess of Fortune, Lakshmi Z/X C Life Recovery
Icon red B04-003 Tank Craftsman, Cannon Shell Z/X R Ignition
Icon red B04-004 Flying Amethyst, Amethyst Swallow Z/X UC Ignition
Icon red B04-005 Master of Labyrinth, Minotaur Z/X C Start Card
Icon red B04-006 Noisy Garnet, Garnet Utan Z/X UC
Icon red B04-007 Faithful Warrior Woman, Tomoe Gozen Z/X R
Icon red B04-008 Battle-Axe Workshop, Bardiche Z/X C
Icon red B04-009 Ruthless Fluorite, Fluorite Lynx Z/X C
Icon red B04-010 Bizarre Coral, Coral Lizard Z/X UC
Icon red B04-011 Musketeer of Oath, D'Artagnan Z/X UC
Icon red B04-012 Stabbing Spinel, Spinel Penguin Z/X R
Icon red B04-013 Serpent of Chaos, Yamata no Orochi Z/X SR
Icon red B04-014 Unlucky Earth God, Hades Aidoneus Z/X UC Evol Seed
Icon red B04-015 Arms Craftsman, Spark Launcher Z/X R
Icon red B04-016 Nine Great Heroes, Shakespeare Z/X SR Evol Seed
Icon red B04-017 Tokyo Recapture Operation Event UC
Icon red B04-018 Tyrant Blade, Dragonic Flare Event R
Icon red B04-019 Strongest Bear Determination Match Event C Evol Seed
Icon red B04-020 Skinship Event C
Icon blue B04-021 Cannon Tamer, Mimosa Z/X UC Void Bringer
Icon blue B04-022 Transformed Golden Shachi, Nagoyan Z/X UC Ignition
Icon blue B04-023 Cyber Rapier, Alphard Z/X R Ignition
Icon blue B04-024 Throwing Machine, Throwing Z/X C
Icon blue B04-025 Bombarding Machine, Bombardment Z/X C Life Recovery
Icon blue B04-026 Apprentice Voice, Vilde Z/X C Start Card
Icon blue B04-027 Conductor, Amadius Z/X R
Icon blue B04-028 Battle Hero, Markab Z/X C
Icon blue B04-029 Shock Machine, Shock Z/X R Evol Seed
Icon blue B04-030 Drop Sound, Fiore Z/X UC
Icon blue B04-031 Star Shooter, Capella Z/X C
Icon blue B04-032 Invincible Haniwa, Honey-One Z/X R Evol Seed
Icon blue B04-033 Transformed Church, Hafnium Z/X R
Icon blue B04-034 Playground Union, Polonium Z/X R
Icon blue B04-035 Administrator Vega Z/X SR
Icon blue B04-036 Sword Emperor Regalia, Cyclotron Z/X SR
Icon blue B04-037 Royal Straight Flush Event UC
Icon blue B04-038 Mechanical Cannon, Dragonic Cannon Event UC
Icon blue B04-039 Sword Revolution Event C
Icon blue B04-040 Jet-Black Lawrencium Event UC Evol Seed
Icon white B04-041 Destinee the Fate Z/X R Void Bringer
Icon white B04-042 Evilbane, Mont Blanc Z/X C Life Recovery
Icon white B04-043 Reigning Mike Z/X UC Ignition
Icon white B04-044 Holy Beast, Aura Kirin Z/X C
Icon white B04-045 Ame the Soul Z/X C Start Card
Icon white B04-046 Errer the Wander Z/X R Ignition
Icon white B04-047 Evilbane, Elbrus Z/X UC Evol Seed
Icon white B04-048 Holy Beast, Aura Centaur Z/X C
Icon white B04-049 Escaping Pixie-Bob Z/X R
Icon white B04-050 Evilbane, Damavand Z/X R
Icon white B04-051 Evilbane, Massif Z/X UC
Icon white B04-052 Holy Beast, Aura Genbu Z/X UC Evol Seed
Icon white B04-053 Sterk the Strength Z/X R
Icon white B04-054 Twelve Apostles - Leo Verchiel Z/X SR
Icon white B04-055 Caring Siberian Z/X UC
Icon white B04-056 Evilbane, K2 Z/X SR
Icon white B04-057 Guardian Heart Event C Evol Seed
Icon white B04-058 Shining Angel Event UC
Icon white B04-059 Celestial Ray, Gem Shine Event UC
Icon white B04-060 Extermination Flow Event R
Icon black B04-061 Bone Soldier, Skeletal Fighter Z/X UC Void Bringer
Icon black B04-062 Revenant, Dusk Axe Z/X R Evol Seed
Icon black B04-063 Playful Road Roller Z/X R Ignition
Icon black B04-064 Devil of Forfeiture, Perdere Z/X UC Ignition
Icon black B04-065 Devil of Boredom, Inertia Z/X C Start Card
Icon black B04-066 Devil of Blade, Lamina Z/X C Life Recovery
Icon black B04-067 Devil of Shadow, Umbra Z/X UC
Icon black B04-068 Executioner Sickle, Scharfrichter Z/X C
Icon black B04-069 Aiming to Hit, Snap Shooter Z/X UC
Icon black B04-070 Chewing Vise Z/X UC Evol Seed
Icon black B04-071 Ominous King, Konig Z/X C
Icon black B04-072 Skeletal Hollow Giant, Huge Golem Z/X UC
Icon black B04-073 Fang Hunter, Jager Z/X R
Icon black B04-074 Dancing Skeleton, Skeletal Dancer Z/X R
Icon black B04-075 Cutting Charm Z/X SR
Icon black B04-076 Seven Deadly Sins - Devil of Greed, Avaritia Z/X SR
Icon black B04-077 Charm Spell Event C
Icon black B04-078 Mystic Adventure Event R Evol Seed
Icon black B04-079 Lunatic Sickle Event C
Icon black B04-080 Ruin-Hell Wave, Doom Blast Event R
Icon green B04-081 Glorious Baking Stone, Himawari Z/X UC Void Bringer
Icon green B04-082 Plain Octagonal Pole, Natsume Z/X C Start Card
Icon green B04-083 Beastman, Were-Capybara Z/X R Ignition
Icon green B04-084 Medical Care Marshmallow Z/X R Ignition
Icon green B04-085 Agricultural Birdman, Were-Lark Z/X C Life Recovery
Icon green B04-086 Shell Mushroom, Mush Snail Z/X UC
Icon green B04-087 Cherry Blossom Crest, Cherry Beetle Z/X C
Icon green B04-088 Doing Things at Own Pace, Linden Z/X UC Evol Seed
Icon green B04-089 Wise Elder, Were-Owl Z/X UC
Icon green B04-090 Beastman, Were-Ursus Z/X R
Icon green B04-091 Beastman, Were-Leopard Z/X R
Icon green B04-092 Thorn Spider, Needle Spider Z/X C Evol Seed
Icon green B04-093 Eight Great Dragon Kings, Taksaka Z/X SR
Icon green B04-094 Merciless Crimson Spear, Hagoromosou Z/X C
Icon green B04-095 Raging Jasmine Z/X R
Icon green B04-096 Iron Claw of Green Sky, Misohagi Z/X SR
Icon green B04-097 Girls' Talk Event UC
Icon green B04-098 Taksaka's Divine Power Event R Evol Seed
Icon green B04-099 Happiness Time Event C
Icon green B04-100 Flower Wind, Life Storm Event UC
Icon red B04-101 Mischievous Nine-Tails, Dakki Z/X Z/XR
Icon blue B04-102 Original XIII Type.I "A-Z" Z/X Z/XR
Icon white B04-103 Four Archangels - Uriel A.T. Z/X Z/XR
Icon red B04-104 Sera Kurashiki Player IGR
Icon blue B04-105 Reia Sento Player IGR
Icon white B04-106 Misaki Yuzuriha Player IGR
Icon black B04-107 Yamato Tennoji Player IGR
Icon green B04-108 Soma Kembuchi Player IGR
Icon green B04-109 Chitose Aoba Player CVR
Icon green B04-110 Soma Kembuchi Player CVR

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