Code:Samsara - Blessing Sky (運命廻放編(コード:サンサーラ) 叛逆の狼煙(シード・オブ・リベリオン) Kōdo Sansarā Shīdo Obu Riberion) is the twenty-first Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG set and the second set in the Code:Samsara storyline. It was released at the same date with Character Pack - Almotaher and Character Pack - Vesparose.


  • The set's tagline is "Seize victory with the power of bonds." (絆の力で勝利を掴め。)
  • Further expands the Partner-specific cards from the previous set.
  • Featuring collaboration with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard survival horror video game. The collaboration cards are printed in "Capcom Rare" rarity.


Each packs contain 7 cards and each boxes contain 20 packs. There are 110 cards in total + 104 holographic cards, excluding special cards.

  • Normal: 50
  • Rare: 40
  • Super Rare: 10
  • Hologram Rare: 104 (holographic version of all Normal, Rare, Super Rare, and Capcom Rare)
  • Heroic Rare: 6
  • Capcom Rare: 4

Special Privileges

See also: Booster 21 Shop Privileges

First Edition Limited Set

The first edition limited set comes with the following limited contents.

Free Card

The following Free Card Deck were distributed as a trial edition of the booster and its accompanying Character Packs.

Card List

Color Number Name Type Rarity Notes
Icon Red B21-002 Charming Princess of the Split Table, Guinevere Z/X R Life Recovery
Icon Red B21-003 Sworn Sister-Seeking Shooting Star, Sudarshana Z/X SR Ignition
Icon Red B21-009 Brave Princess of Bell Sound, Tsuruhime Z/X R
Icon Red B21-010 Broad-Minded Brave King, Alexander Z/X R
Icon Red B21-014 Swallowflight Flash Sword Art, Sasaki Kojiro Z/X N
Icon Red B21-016 Black Wolf of Thousand Nights, Dakini Z/X SR
Icon Red B21-020 Alexander and Mikado, Undoubted Bonds Event R
Icon Blue B21-021 Wind-Cutting Windsong, Mily Z/X R Void Bringer
Icon Blue B21-022 Crimson Longsword, Synchrotron Z/X R
Icon Blue B21-025 Transformed Optical Illusion, Ennium Z/X R
Icon Blue B21-030 Unbound Sword, Al Dhanab Z/X SR
Icon Blue B21-031 Squad Leader, Sargas Z/X N
Icon Blue B21-039 Fate-Liberating Blade, Cyclotron Z/X EX R
Icon Blue B21-040 Synchrotron and Nanao, Human-Machine Bonds Z/X R
Icon White B21-045 Voracious Holy Beast, Aura Gulon Z/X R Life Recovery
Icon White B21-047 Distant Love, Fierte Z/X R
Icon White B21-050 Dream Eater Holy Beast, Aura Tapir Z/X N
Icon White B21-051 Four Archangels of the End - Azazel the Divine Scythe Z/X R
Icon White B21-058 Silver Royal Retainer, Somali Z/X SR
Icon White B21-059 Fierte and Asuka, Eternal Bonds Event R
Icon Black B21-061 Trap-Opening Pit Z/X N
Icon Black B21-065 Devil of Hostility, Hostili
Icon Black B21-071 Devil of Thundering Roar, Tonet
Icon Black B21-073 Sentiment Resonator, Almotaher Z/X R
Icon Black B21-075 Cursed Sword of Hatred, Cursed Soul Z/X R
Icon Black B21-080 Almotaher and Yachiyo, Mutual Bonds Event R
Icon Green B21-087 Thorn-Splitting Shoulders, Feuille Z/X R Ignition
Icon Green B21-097 Chief Butler of a Twistful Trap, Eudi Z/X R
Icon Green B21-098 Top Idol, Verbena Z/X SR
Icon Green B21-100 Feuille and Soma, Thorn-Cutting Bonds Event R
Icon Red B21-101 Invigorator of Chaos, Orichalcum Tyranno Z/X EX HR
Icon Red B21-102 Resentful "Anastasis", Nanaya Z/X EX HR
Icon Blue B21-103 Crimson Lotus-Bladed Slaying Deity, Synchrotron Z/X EX HR
Icon White B21-104 Four Archangels of the End - Metatron the Divine Flame Z/X HR
Icon Black B21-105 Silver Claw of the Calamity Storm, Almotaher Z/X HR
Icon Green B21-106 Luxuriant "Affection", Ishtar Z/X EX HR
Icon Black B21-107 Lucas Baker Z/X CR
Icon Black B21-108 Marguerite Baker Z/X CR
Icon Black B21-109 Jack Baker Z/X CR
Icon Black B21-110 Eveline Z/X EX CR
Icon Blue B21-??? Irregular X, CyberRex the Elecdragon Crusherblade Z/X SR
Icon White B21-??? Godfather, Curl Z/X R
Icon White B21-??? Four Archangels of the End - Sandalphon the Divine Melody Z/X SR
Icon Black B21-??? Gentle Journey, Banshee Z/X SR

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