Activate! Super Regalia (起動(きどう)超神器(ちょうしんき) Kidō! Chō Shinki) is the fifteenth Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG set.



Each packs contain 7 cards and each boxes contain 20 packs. There are 100 cards in total + 100 holographic cards, excluding special cards.

  • Common: 30
  • Uncommon: 30
  • Rare: 30
  • Super Rare: 10
  • Hologram Rare: 100 (holographic version of all Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Super Rare)

Special Privileges

First Edition Limited Set

In addition to regular boxes, this set is also sold in a first edition limited set with special illustration by Takuya Fujima. It costs 8500 JPY (before tax) and comes with the following limited contents.

Free Card

The following Free Card Deck were distributed as a trial edition of the booster.


The official product page contains several short stories in relation to the set.

Card List

Color Number Name Type Rarity Notes
Icon Red B15-001 Overwhelming Authority, Seitaigou Z/X C
Icon Red B15-002 Bladebreaker Craftsman, Sword Breaker Z/X UC
Icon Red B15-003 Suppression Queen, Catherine Z/X R Void Bringer
Icon Red B15-004 Akatsuki Jutten - Khaleed Kadab Z/X SR Ignition
Icon Red B15-005 Elephant-Serpent of Calamity, Grootslang Z/X R Start Card
Icon Red B15-006 Gigantic Ominous Bird, Rukh Z/X UC Ignition
Icon Red B15-007 Canine Princess, Scylla Z/X R Life Recovery
Icon Red B15-008 Fastidious Greenstone, Moldavite Racoon Z/X C
Icon Red B15-009 Iron-Cutter Craftsman, Clipper Z/X C
Icon Red B15-010 Thunder Emperor, Ivan Z/X C
Icon Red B15-011 Gatling Gun Engineer, Rapid Bullet Z/X R
Icon Red B15-012 Scarlet Seabird, Creedite Gannet Z/X R
Icon Red B15-013 Big Lion of Retribution, Ugallu Z/X UC
Icon Red B15-014 Crawling Boulder, Smoky Walrus Z/X C
Icon Red B15-015 Protective Goddess of Lighting and Flame, Athena Z/X SR
Icon Red B15-016 Indomitable Fighting Spirit, Sanada Yukimura Z/X C
Icon Red B15-017 Flat-Out Run Army Corps, Tank Heart Z/X UC
Icon Red B15-018 Dimension Crush Event UC
Icon Red B15-019 Twin Flame Karmic Cannon Event R
Icon Red B15-020 Arrow Concentration Event UC
Icon Blue B15-021 Tidal Sound, Marionena Z/X UC Void Bringer
Icon Blue B15-022 Tornado Spinner, Naos Z/X C
Icon Blue B15-023 Transformed Assault, Fluorine Z/X R Start Card
Icon Blue B15-024 Machine Blade, Izar Z/X R Ignition
Icon Blue B15-025 Camouflage Machine, Invisible Z/X R Life Recovery
Icon Blue B15-026 Gravel Crushing Machine, Runover Z/X UC Ignition
Icon Blue B15-027 Warning Giant, Manganese Z/X C
Icon Blue B15-028 Passionate Dance, Bragela Z/X UC
Icon Blue B15-029 Flash Saucer, Ascella Z/X C
Icon Blue B15-030 Whiplash Machine, Spanking Z/X UC
Icon Blue B15-031 Waste Collection Machine, Gathering Z/X UC
Icon Blue B15-032 Traditional Stringsound, Jimon Z/X C
Icon Blue B15-033 Original XIII Type.VI "Mt13Ve" Z/X SR
Icon Blue B15-034 Rhythmical Whistle, Moe Z/X R
Icon Blue B15-035 Twin Star Regalix, Cyclotron Z/X SR
Icon Blue B15-036 Transformed Road Traffic, Cerium Z/X R
Icon Blue B15-037 Radome Launcher, Almach Z/X UC
Icon Blue B15-038 Fruits of the Thanks Event C
Icon Blue B15-039 Spinning Brush Event R
Icon Blue B15-040 299 Cait Sith Event C
Icon White B15-041 Kinkalow of the Hot Spring Inn Z/X C
Icon White B15-042 Lawbringer, Kelud Z/X R Void Bringer
Icon White B15-043 Bras Epee the Arm Sword Z/X C
Icon White B15-044 Accountant, Alpine Z/X R Life Recovery
Icon White B15-045 Holy Beast, Aura Karkinos Z/X C Start Card
Icon White B15-046 Holy Beast, Aura Taueret Z/X UC Ignition
Icon White B15-047 Dialogue the Conversation Z/X UC Ignition
Icon White B15-048 Evilbane, Mulanje Z/X R
Icon White B15-049 Holy Beast, Aura Phaia Z/X UC
Icon White B15-050 Pro Player, Coodle Z/X R
Icon White B15-051 Telescola the Telescope Z/X UC
Icon White B15-052 Darkness Knight, Marshall Z/X SR
Icon White B15-053 Fur Trader, Norwegian Z/X UC
Icon White B15-054 Holy Beast, Aura Ladon Z/X UC
Icon White B15-055 Lawbringer, Lirung Z/X R
Icon White B15-056 Evilbane, Gangkhar Z/X C
Icon White B15-057 Twelve Apostles - Capricorn Hanael Z/X SR
Icon White B15-058 Adonai Melekh Event C Ignition
Icon White B15-059 Hope After the Rain Event R
Icon White B15-060 Samsara Flasher Event C
Icon Black B15-061 Bone Wolf Z/X C
Icon Black B15-062 Raiding Honeypot, Milzbrand Z/X UC Void Bringer
Icon Black B15-063 Emissary of Sloth, Faulpelz Z/X SR
Icon Black B15-064 Solitus the Snow Z/X R
Icon Black B15-065 Tempering Death Gips Z/X C Start Card
Icon Black B15-066 Devil of Mind's Eye, Oculum Z/X UC Ignition
Icon Black B15-067 Serpent's Daughter, Melusine Z/X R Life Recovery
Icon Black B15-068 Confining Spike Cage Z/X UC Ignition
Icon Black B15-069 Purple Claw in the Mire, Schneiden Z/X C
Icon Black B15-070 Devil of Deceit, Fraudo Z/X C
Icon Black B15-071 Revenant, Gloomy Ghast Z/X C
Icon Black B15-072 Returning Blow, Receive Z/X R
Icon Black B15-073 Overkill Eve Z/X R
Icon Black B15-074 Humming Charlotte Z/X R
Icon Black B15-075 Devil of Blunder, Blundera Z/X UC
Icon Black B15-076 Collaps the Rampart Breaker Z/X UC
Icon Black B15-077 Dashing Annihilation, Bahnzug Z/X C
Icon Black B15-078 Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Deathbringer Sword, Maldicion Z/X SR
Icon Black B15-079 I Can't Lose! Event UC
Icon Black B15-080 Poem to the Road of Underworld Event R
Icon Green B15-081 Medicinal Beastman, Were-Pangolin Z/X UC Void Bringer
Icon Green B15-082 Naughty Hand Spear, Yabuhagi Z/X C
Icon Green B15-083 Spike-Edged Cutting Bug, Agave Icon Z/X UC Ignition
Icon Green B15-084 Arboreal Moonring, Hiougi Z/X R Ignition
Icon Green B15-085 Painting Soapwort Z/X UC Start Card
Icon Green B15-086 Gem-Collecting Rue Z/X UC Life Recovery
Icon Green B15-087 Rich Beetle, Pieni Drone Z/X R
Icon Green B15-088 Peddling Beastman, Were-Donkey Z/X UC
Icon Green B15-089 Looking Through the Warehouse, Chervil Z/X C
Icon Green B15-090 Big Tree of Steel, Ousaikaku Z/X C
Icon Green B15-091 High-Speed Beastman, Were-Pronghorn Z/X R
Icon Green B15-092 Revolving Shot Moth, SAM Hawk Moth Z/X C
Icon Green B15-093 Eight Great Dragon Kings, Vasuki Z/X SR
Icon Green B15-094 Cool-Headed Kimentou, Narukoyuri Z/X R
Icon Green B15-095 Tusk Girl, Were-Mammoth Z/X UC
Icon Green B15-096 Eight Precious Beauties - Absolute Queen, Mastic Z/X SR
Icon Green B15-097 Hundred Kan Horned Beetle, Phalaeno Atlas Z/X C
Icon Green B15-098 Intention of Yggdrasil Event R
Icon Green B15-099 You Shall Not Escape......! Event C Ignition
Icon Green B15-100 Maximum Strong Smoothie Event R
Icon Red B15-101 Six Birds of Extreme Graces, Kalavinka Z/X Z/XR
Icon Blue B15-102 XI Flags, Welte Z/X Z/XR
Icon White B15-103 Whimsical King, Mike Z/X Z/XR
Icon Black B15-104 Inducement of Skating, Layback Z/X Z/XR
Icon Green B15-105 Four Insect Sovereigns - Rupture Blade King, Mantis Burg Z/X Z/XR
Icon Red B15-106 Graceful Exquisite Voiced Bird, Kalavinka Z/X CVR
Icon Blue B15-107 Sword Sniper, Rigel Z/X CVR
Icon White B15-108 Nina Shitori Player IGR
Icon Red B16-XXX The All-Known Ruler, Gilgamesh Z/X IGR

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