Angel (エンジェル Enjeru) are one of the four tribes from the White World.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Future humans with the ability to convert their own psychic power into wings and auras, their average height is 170 cm~200 cm (5'7"~6'6").

In the White World, all that matters is one's latent psychic ability, so in addition to the size and shape of one's wings and the number of feathers, the presence (or lack therefore) of one's halo or grown affects how beautiful yet solemn someone is. The better, the higher one's rank.

As they are a faction of thinkers, they're often pondering very secluded thoughts, seeking to control things through rules and orders. Besides this interference from the White World, they will mercilessly punish those who fight each other. Many Angel prefer loose clothes, though they'll equip partial armor to protect vital spots, as long as it doesn't diminish their beauty.


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